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Practical advice from Doctor SCHWOB
President of The Migraine Association of France
"Migraine is a chronic illness that affects 5-10% of the world population. However, if we take into account headaches, nearly 50% of us are concerned, 2/3 being women".
The migraine, symbolic of this suffering, was described for the first time by Hippocrates (200 B.C). Its name comes from the term “hemicrania” in Greek, meaning “half the head” which was first used by the Roman doctor Gallien in the second century A.D.
It is characterized by a painful headache, which can be preceded or accompanied by digestive,  visual or sensation disorders. An attack can last up to 72 hours which gives an indication of to what extent the migraine is a deep personal, familial, emotional and professional handicap. Notably it results in 18 million sick days off work and 7 million victims annually.
Often under evaluated and regarded as fate, the migraine can be treated very effectively today. Therefore sufferers should not hesitate to consult, either a general practitioner, or a specialized centre,  for treatment, putting an end to the current paradox of 50% of migraine sufferers not seeking help, whereas more than 80% of those which do it are relieved completely."
Especially since consultation does not necessarily signify the prescription of strong drugs, practitioners will help you find other alternatives suitable for you.
Advice in cases of headaches and migraine
Before the on-set of a migraine attack, it is necessary to react as early as possible. The earlier we react, the less powerful the migraine attack is.
  • If modern medicine has sophisticated drugs against migraine attacks, we must not neglect the "ancient" remedies, natural and without side effects.
  • In ancient times, the Egyptians treated migraines with a local application of wet clay strips mingled with grasses with the therapeutic virtues which caused the vessels to compress and to alleviate the pain.
  • Nowadays, we can obtain the same effect by an association of message and application of mint and lavender essential oils on the temple, an area where the migraine badly affects.
  • Darkness and quiet surroundings are equally recommended, coffee and drinks based on cocoa are also beneficial, caffeine has an anti-migraine effect.
  • You should never wait to consult your doctor if the migraines persist.
Dr Schwob
Dr Schwob
What to Avoid
Headaches and migraines can represent such a handicap in life that certain concepts must be pointed out:
  • Alcohol intake is not advised, even in small amounts.
  • Fatty foods, cheeses and chocolate should be avoided.
  • A healthy lifestyle, with regular sporting activity and leisure time are beneficial and have anti-stress effect.
  • Prudence with medication. Abuse of painkillers may be at the centre of the ongoing/re-occurring migraines, migraines which may require hospitalisation to put an end to them.
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